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Finding approved homes for Airedale Terriers throughout Oklahoma.
Welcome to Oklahoma Airedale Rescue!
Oklahoma Airedale Rescue and Adoption is a non profit network of volunteers out of the Tulsa and Oklahoma City area, who find approved homes for abandoned or surrendered Airedale Terriers. We provide quality care and love while finding the perfect home for each individual Airedale in our care.  

When an Airedale comes into rescue, the dog is given a health exam, treated, bathed and groomed, vaccinated, spayed or neutered and micro-chipped before it is available for adoption. Our foster care volunteers then make temperament evaluations and gather information about the dog, which helps us place the dog with the appropriate family.

Many of our volunteers have full time jobs, families and animals of their own. Many work more hours doing rescue work than they do at their full time jobs. While we make every effort to return calls and emails promptly, this may not always happen. Please be patient with us; emergency calls about the safety of our Airedales take priority.  

Provided by Sidney Hardie & Southwest Airedale Rescue
Is an Airedale terrier the right breed for me and my lifestyle?
Many people are attracted to Airedales for their looks, not realizing what a high maintenance dog an Airedale is in terms of grooming, exercise and attention required. Please think carefully about whether an Airedale will fit your lifestyle.

Do you want a dog that will sit at your feet, quietly, most of the time? 

That is not an Airedale.

​Perhaps an Airedale is for you if...........................

You have a sense of humor. You want a dog that is inventive, clever, finds each day a grand adventure, wants to supervise and help with your every activity, and is loyal and loving to those he respects. You are looking for a buddy to join you for long walks, or hunting, backpacking, agility, canoeing, skiing, hiking, jogging. 

We cannot emphasize enough how much energy an Airedale has and how important it is to find positive outlets for that energy. If your current lifestyle is already packed with activity, an Airedale is not a dog you can fit in around the edges. An Airedale will not wait patiently for you to find the time to play with him. Don't expect to be able to stick him in the back yard to exercise himself or think that tossing a ball a few times is going to be enough. 

Providing an Airedale with adequate exercise requires your active participation. Although they are a challenge for some to train, Airedales love to learn as long as learning is a game. They will reward your patience and your sense of humor with years of loyalty and devotion.