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Finding approved homes for Airedale Terriers throughout Oklahoma.
Number of human household members and their ages (including frequent visitors):  

Type of home:
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What temperament are you looking for? 
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Animals in your household 
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Animals that are frequent visitors 
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By clicking on “SUBMIT”, you will be submitting the information provided in this application to an Airedale Rescue Volunteer for review and you will also be accepting the following terms:
  • I agree to the terms explained in the Oklahoma Airedale Rescue Adoption Criteria.
  • I understand that rescues are spayed-neutered or have a spay-neuter contract.
  • I understand that if I cannot keep the rescue Airedale, I must return the dog to Airedale Rescue.
  • I understand that if an Airedale is placed with me, I will be expected to make a donation to Airedale Rescue.
  • I understand that Airedale Rescue volunteers may confirm any information or contact any person provided on this application with regards to my adoption.
  • I understand that I may be periodically contacted after adoption to help ensure a successful placement and I consent to home visits after adoption.

First & Last Name(s) of adults in household:  
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OwnRentNot Applicable
YesNoNot Applicable
YesNoNot Applicable
MaleFemaleNo Preference
Small Rodents
Children Younger than 6yrs.
Children 6-12yrs.
Other (Please describe.)
Energetic on-the-go.
Loves to walk/run/hike.
Sweet & cuddly.
Laid back couch potato.
Patient/tolerant of children.
Protector of the house, tends to bark.
Devil Dog: tends to get into mischief.