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Finding approved homes for Airedale Terriers throughout Oklahoma.
Arlo and Maggie have found their forever home with Jim and Dominique.  

Astro's first owner passed away and he is now a beloved member of a new family.Chance was passed around as a pup and ended up with a loving family in OKC.Clancy is a big boy with a big heart, living deep in the heart of Texas!Dina's first owners could no longer care for her and she is now happy in her new home.Gordon was a stray out in the country and now lives in fabulous Las Vegas!After her owners' surrendered her for no aparent reason, Gracie got a new knee, a new family, and a new home in Tulsa.Harley was surrendered at the age of 10 and is enjoying a new life with his Scottish Terrier pal Stuey.
Happy Tales for Wonderful 'Dales!
Four-ever in Our Hearts.
Skeeter was a loving old soul who spent the last two years of his life in a adoring home, he will forever be the "gentle giant".
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